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Testimonial: S. Stanko

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We receive a great deal of positive feedback from our clients after treatments, and we wanted to share this one with you!

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I have been treated by several massage therapists in my life however, I found owner Ms Su Willson at Advanced Approaches To Massage on Kingston Road to be one of the most unique and superior massage therapist that I have encountered.  This individual is totally focused on meeting bodily needs, and is willing to accommodate a client to ensure an effective massage experience.

Su knows how to create a great rapport with a client and helps put one at ease during a treatment.  She strives to use various techniques to improve a client’s well-being.  She creates a nurturing and healing occurrence, not just a massage.  Su listens closely on an ongoing basis and adjusts her method accordingly while displaying a high standard of professionalism.

It is indeed evident that Ms Willson is passionate about her work and believes wholeheartedly in not just treating a physical condition, but the whole person as well.  I have experienced a significant amount of pain reduction and a high degree of vitality following my massage treatment.

Su’s friendly staff is exceptionally helpful, competent and considerate.  The atmosphere radiates a serene and harmonizing energy.  It is always an uplift and a pleasure to hear from Maxine, Su’s receptionist.  Her bubbly personality and excellent communication skills add immensely to the environment.  She has the ability to make everyone feel special.

I definitely and strongly recommend Advanced Approaches To Massage for all the reasons stated above.  Su Willson will indeed not disappoint.  It is no wonder it has been voted the Best Therapy Clinic and Registered Massage Therapist in Toronto, where high standards are important.

Sylvia V. Stanko


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