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Newsletter: February (2022)- Fabruary Fourth

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927 Kingston Road
Toronto, ON     M4E 1S6
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Susierra Willson • Nick Boulton
Olivia Mandic • Mary (Ying) Xu

Dear Friends and Clients,


Well it's been a challenging start to the new year weather-wise and we have the perfect remedy for shovelitis (officially defined as: your overworked shovelling muscles.) Book your "snow recovery" session today!
Before                                         After

A reminder that we have some heat modalities to offer you to take the sting out of winter. In addition to offering Hot WaxHot Stone Massage, we sell what we consider to be the best penetrating heat pads ever. Thermophores are available for you to purchase and enjoy at home any time you choose. Likewise if you run out of Epsom salts we have "single serving" bags available.

WE ARE ONCE AGAIN OFFERING OUR VERY POPULAR VALENTINE'S DAY SPECIAL: for only $139.00 per person (plus tax) treat yourself and your loved one (be they a spouse, partner, friend or family member) to a lovely shared experience of simultaneous massages. The two of you will be in a cosy suite and your massage treatments will include our sensual “Love Potion #927" or a heady gardenia essential oil blend.  Aprés massage you will be treated to sparkling wine or sparkling juice and chocolate truffles. After all of the Covid stresses why not pamper yourselves with a gift that won't get canceled?  You can also purchase a Gift Certificate for your loved one: our gift certificates never expire!


In coaching news Susierra is contributing to a year-long "Leaders of Love Mentorship Circle" course with her own mentor Katherine Woodward Thomas and other esteemed teachers. If you or anyone you know can benefit from private coaching, Susierra has space for several more clients. To book a free Discovery Session or to find out more about the Leaders of Love Mentorship Circle e-mail Susierra.

We are delighted to be part of the wonderfully supportive Kingston Rd Village Business Community and Residents Association. It has been lovely to note how supportive we've been of each other through the long months of varying Covid shutdowns! How priceless to live in such a caring and supportive niehgbourhood! #bestneighbourhoodinTO

We think all of the businesses will have some special offers that would delight your Valentine, so please pop into any of the Kingston Road Village businesses between Beech and Victoria Park to find something delightful; or consider a dinner out at one of our great restaurants like The Beech Tree who are open especially for Valentine's Day (Monday February 14, 2022).
Our neighbours across the street at Blossom & Tempest are holding a contest to win a gift basket featuring some of their marvellous merchandise!  To enter the contest sign up for their newsletter! 

Jody Movat (Vitalife) with Susierra

Our fellow local health care providers at Vitalife are now using the Aquanet EC-2000: the most advanced and effective piece of equipment for colonic therapy.  Clients can also enjoy the Mini Infrared Sauna as a standalone ($25) or as a great addition to their treatment.  The Detox Package ($125) includes a colonic and 30 min infrared sauna.  The One-Day Do-It-Yourself Home Intestinal and Liver Cleanse is also available through until the end of February ($220).

Susierra with Axel

FEATURED CLIENT: We would like to introduce you to -aptly named- pro-cyclist Axel Froner. A former student at Neil McNeil High School, Axel has been competing at an international level for more than three years. Axel will be traveling to France and Belgium this year and raced for Canada's national team last year. If you're interested in supporting this accomplished young man's career, please visit his GoFundMe page.

A HEALING STORY: Tina B's son Luke endured over four months worth of oral and intravenous antibiotics, several ER visits and a surgery to treat a serious infection. After all of this, Luke's gut health was under attack as all of his healthy bacteria had been eliminated through these treatments. A concerned friend introduced them to Enrich by TRANONT. This product brought 18-year-old Luke back to stable health.  If you are interested in learning more, Tina can be reached by e-mail.

Our quote for this month is from the esteemed buddhist monk Thích Nhất Hạnh.  Born in Vietnam, Thích was a leader in advocating for peace in his country and throughout the world. He passed away after a full life of service on January 22, 2022.  As we approach Valentine's Day this quote presents a deeper take on love.
"…So the question is not "how can we obtain love and understanding?" The question is whether we have the capacity of generating love and understanding ourselves. If we do, we'll feel wonderful, because these energies satisfy us and the people around us at the same time…"

— Thích Nhất Hạnh
October 11, 1926 – January 22, 2022
In honour of everything FABulous, we are declaring this month FABruary!
Susierra Willson B.Mus., R.M.T., CITOC, CUC
Advanced Approaches to Massage is a very PROUD member of the
Kingston Road Village Business Community
For information on how to join the KRVBC contact Susierra.

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