Relationship Coach & Therapist

Relationship troubles? Unlock a healthier relationship by uncovering ‘stuck’ patterns.

Meet Susierra Francesca Willson, B.Mus., R.M.T. and Toronto Relationship Coach & Therapist.

As a life-long seeker and healer, Susierra has explored many areas of psychotherapy, bodywork and spirituality. In 2006, Susierra embarked on an educational journey of awareness with the aim of helping couples to reconnect and build thriving relationships, culminating in her certification as a Relationship Coach.

Susierra has been healing relationships since 2012.

Following the unsatisfying end of a post-marriage relationship, Susierra Willson wanted to delve deeper into the dynamics of partnering from a place of deepened self-awareness. Today, she finds her relationship coaching work to be outstanding in its ability to produce quick and lasting changes for her and for clients! She has also completed courses in Feminine Power Mastery and Love Mastery, contributing a great deal to her peers.

Susierra’s working life started with being a classical musician leading many small chamber ensembles. Then she had a calling to pursue everything related to health and healing. She has worked as a sought-out registered massage therapist, practicing in her own clinics in Los Angeles and Toronto where she has been voted “The Best RMT,” with many glowing reviews.

Her passion is to help empower people to find their joy (particularly in relationships to self and others) and follow it through with whatever means are effective. She has training in varied bodywork and movement modalities. Susierra’s commitment to fitness gives her insight into healthy solutions for balanced living. She has a broad understanding of nutrition and eating styles; and has been a practicing meditator since 1991.

As an empath, she has great intuition and caring for “stuck” patterns. Susierra also has an excellent facility for remembering people’s personal details and stories, which aids her in helping clients to recognize their patterns. Her loyal clients love her ability to galvanize them for positive changes.

A passionate world-traveller, having visited over 50 countries to date, Susierra is inspired by the exploration of cultures, adding to her understanding of the human condition. By celebrating the differences between us, she has come to a more holistic view of all of our similarities. Assimilating the arts, foods and cultures of different peoples have opened her mind and expanded her perspective.

Her motto: to help heal the planet one valuable person at a time … with the self-love techniques inherent in the “Calling in the One” and “Conscious Uncoupling” work. Her passion is to empower people to find their own version of joy and well-being. Her vision is to help heal the planet one valuable person at a time. She has a great intuitive ability to galvanize clients through “stuck patterns” that have produced some fantastic success stories.

Susierra has an innate gift and depth of training to locate the real source of a couple’s relationship strife. Her loyal clients love her ability to galvanize them for positive changes, not only for today but for years to come.

Rediscover and renew the relationship you deserve.

Let Susierra help you discover and rectify the unhealthy patterns in your relationship, and start on a path built on understanding, love and trust.

Contact Susierra today by calling (416) 432-5597 or e-mail her at You’ll be glad you did!

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