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Relationship Coach & Therapist

Relationship troubles?
Unlock a healthier relationship by uncovering ‘stuck’ patterns.

Are you tired of not being seen for the amazingly unique “rare bird” that you are?

Susierra is an ornithological “rare bird” expert and can help!


Read “About Susierra” to learn how her experiences have called her to do this important work.

Su Willson


Growing up in a high-achieving family, Susierra had the “False Idenitity” that she was not enough to be loved as she was. She was determined to be successful at everything she did in order to win the deep devotion of a Beloved. Maybe then, she could relax into his adoration and stop working so hard!

Susierra dutifully created a very satisfying career as a massage therapist, co-owning a successful business with the husband of her dreams. But when her marriage encountered life stressors, as all marriages at some point do, she discovered her partner was not the man she had thought and the intimacy she craved was not possible

Rebuilding her life after a devastating breakup, she gained certifications as a Feminine PowerCalling in “The One” and Conscious Uncoupling Coach. Breaking down her own patterns invollving “Anxious/Avoidant” Attachment style among others, she has now been involved in the world-wide community for over a decade, and even combined her passions for coaching and travel by accompanying her mentor Katherine, to Beijing to introduce this incredibly transformational work overseas. 

She continues her growth with doing Calling In The One(CITO) and Conscious Uncoupling (CU) work with clients, and feels so much gratitude as this meshes with her three decade meditation practice, as well as her Abraham-Hicks explorations.  What a relief to not have to be perfect or best at everything, and in fact, to be celebrated for simply being human!

Susierra’s coaching encompasses all of the learning she has done as a life-long seeker including a deep awareness of many modalities (physical, emotional and spiritual). Susierra is also a celebrated body worker with awareness of performance issues gleaned during her many years as a clarinetist and ensemble leader.

Susierra bring years of meditation, nutrition and arts performance experience to her practiceA

"It is my delight to help my clients appreciate the nuances of their uniqueness and live their best lives. I do this virtually, and in a bricks-and-mortar clinic located in The Beaches neighborhood of Toronto."

Her promise to her clients is to be a “Spiritual Cheerleader” to support them seeing their radiant uniqueness-and the delightful freedom in not being perfect -and yet, totally lovable! She looks forward to getting to know precious YOU!!
Rediscover and renew the relationship you deserve.
Susierra has an innate gift and depth of training to locate the real source of a couple’s relationship strife. Her loyal clients love her ability to galvanize them for positive changes, not only for today but for years to come.  Let Susierra help you discover and release the unhealthy patterns in your relationships, and start on a path built on a solid foundation of self-love and self-understanding.
Contact Susierra today by calling: (416) 432-5597 or send her an e-mail. Start your own ‘Love Life  Adventure.” You’ll be glad you did!