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Newsletter: October (2022)- A September to Remember

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927 Kingston Road
Toronto, ON     M4E 1S6
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Susierra Willson • Nick Boulton
Olivia Mandic • Mary (Ying) Xu

Dear Clients and Friends,

All of us at Advanced Approaches to Massage are back full-on after restorative summer trips! We are happily anticipating the return of our street activities: The KRVBC (Kingston Road Village Business Community) have planned our Fall Fest for Saturday, September 24 from 11:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.!

(L-R) Drew, Bashar, Nick and Susierra

There will be lots of activities for children as well as adults! As usual we, and our wonderful new neighbours at 99 Bottles, will be sponsoring local musicians. We welcome the return of accomplished recording and performing artist Karen Lee Wilde. Karen has a rich, compelling voice that you won’t want to miss. We will have some of her CDs available for purchase (cash preferred).

(L) Susierra with Karen Lee Wilde (R) Susierra with Gene Domagala

Also, Beach Metro News columnist Gene Domagala will be offering one of his celebrated historical tours. Meet at 1:00 P.M. in front of Advanced Approaches to Massage and 99 Bottles' "Café TO" patio
(L) Susierra with Axel Froner; (R) Susierra with Graeme MacLennan
Some of our clients are accomplishing wonderful things. Cyclist Axel Froner is fresh off an impressive 8th place finish in the Canadian National Cycle Championships and finished 2nd in Belgium. He is currently continuing his studies in History in Toronto.   Additionally, client Graeme MacLennan continues to impress, with both academic and Division 1 Lacrosse, at Robert Morris University, in Pennsylvania. Well done to both!

Susierra & Drew at the Stavro Family YMCA

We are beyond delighted to announce the opening of the new Steve and Sally Stavro Family YMCA! The ultra modern facility is just a few doors west of us, also on the south side of Kingston Road. It's many facilities include two pools (lane swimming and recreational) as well as a hot tub and amenities such as basketball courts, cardio and weight lifting a multi-function space for Yoga, Zumba, etc; and soon will include (paid) underground parking.
Some of our favourite neighbours are moving. Dreamer Hair Design will now be found in Abby's Hair Salon located at 708 Kingston Road, just east of Main Street. You can still reach Heather at (416) 788-8751 to book your appointment.  As well, Junior Art Lab have moved to a property in Quebec and are available online from there. 
We would like to bring attention to "World Suicide Prevention Week" which ends with Prevention Day on September 10. This is a gentle suggestion to check-in on neighbours that you may not have seen over the summer. 
We share a quote that we feel might be inspiring for someone who is struggling. Reaching out in any way that feels authentic to you, could mean all the difference. Consider sharing a walk or preparing a meal for them. Even the simplest things can seem overwhelming when one is struggling with deep depression.
To paraphrase Richard Bach:
One who is considering the desperate act of suicide might be desperate enough to try something even more extreme: elope at midnight, take off to a new place and start over, do what you always wanted to do that you were afraid to try.
In these continually trying times, a friend or loved one could benefit by the sharing of their challenges with someone outside their immediate circle. If you know someone that could benefit from coaching, Susierra has a couple of spots that have just opened up. While both coaching and therapy can be very helpful, coaching differs in that that there is a defined start and finish; and practical, actionable, steps are provided. Sessions are completely confidential and carried out online.

In light of suicide prevention week and the passing of Queen Elizabeth II,
"Keep on Keeping On"

Susierra Willson B.Mus., R.M.T., CITOC, CUC
Susierra is a very PROUD member of the non-BIA
Kingston Road Village Business Community
Local business owners volunteering to support their neighbours!

For information on how to join the KRVBC contact Susierra.

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